Our story
When we first visited the house in 2015 we were astonished by the authenticity of the house. The dark brown oaken staircase and  the dark woorden ceiling in the living room were remarkable. We were also immediately attracted by the location near the city centre and the pleasant atmosphere in the street.
After buying the house, we realised we had to renovate a lot: the gutters, the electricity, the pipes, the staircase on the first floor, the walls, the floors...We wanted to preserve the authentic feeling of the house, but we eventually decided to replace the steep, oaken staircase and to paint the ceiling in the living room. This made the room more light and airy.
The renovations were hindered because nothing seemed to be straight in the house; all the walls and floors were crooked. This led us to our name: Krombrugge (krom means crooked in Dutch).
We decided to not just throw away the oaken staircase, quite the opposite, we gave the staircase a second life as a dining table, a bench, several night stands, and as a lamp. The front door with cast iron bars was also restored.
Don't hesitate to come and take a look what's behind the old, dull facade! 
Call us on +32 472 94 58 67 and we'll be happy to show you around.